I’ve spent a lot of time in digital agencies building exceptional teams and serving clients. My role with clients has been as a facilitator: helping to pull out strategic thinking, advising on process with a development team, and consulting on product design best practices.

Enterprise / B2B

I’m really fortunate to have spent time consulting with some pretty massive enterprises. I have loved finding one person (or one department) inside a massive corporation who thinks differently. These intrapreneurs tend to be change agents and catalysts internally, and often need some external help to get their initiative achieved. Together we’ve designed consumer facing products, streamlined complex business processes, and aligned organizations around a common strategic goal.


I served as the SVP of Product at a successful, venture-backed startup based out of Philadelphia called Life.io. I collaborated with some amazing people to build a nimble team and a strong company. It was a delight to grow the product offering and working with enterprise clients on implementation. We grew this from a team of three to a multi-discipline agile team of awesome. We embrace a combination lean and agile methodology that’s focused on user input, iteration, and learning.


In 2011, I co-launched Interactive for Good, a digital consultancy for the modern NGO. We focused on non-profit strategy, online fundraising, branding and tone, and marketing campaigns. This effort got me really involved with a lot of Nashville-based and global organizations alike.


Product Management

  • Product Roadmaps
  • User Stories / Requirements Documentation
  • User Narratives
  • Qualitative User Research
  • Analytics and Data Studies

I love building products. Piling designers and developers into a room and working through a solution is the fun part. The hard part, though, is making sure we’re all spending time building the right thing.

UX Strategy

  • User Journey Maps
  • User Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Design Reveals and Critiques

I believe user experience design is a component of product management. A well-made product has to have a thoughtful experience behind it or it’s sunk. I love involving the user in the design process and using simple metaphors to explain ideas so everyone can understand.

Workshop Facilitation

  • Strategic Alignment Sessions
  • Product Design Workshops
  • User Feedback & Insight Sessions
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Design Sprints

Workshops are so much fun! They’re best when everyone involved is tired at the end of the day (I often hear participants say they don’t work this hard in their day job…). A good workshop can help a group of people see a problem differently. I love the sense of accomplishment a group can feel when they uncover the hidden answer that was waiting in the room all along.

Sound like fun?

Drop me a line and let’s talk: [email protected]